Temple History

History and Prominence of Ananda Theertha Agrahara

This holy place has a religious history of over 500 years. Sri Vyasarajaru, a great follower of Sri Madhvacharya and the saint who profoundly preached the Dvaita siddhanta took up a mission of installing 720 Mukhya Prana Bimbas (Images) during 1500 AD, 35th of which is installed in Theertham. It is said that Sri Madhvacharya has visited this place and performed Chaturmasa Vratam here. Hence the place  was  named  Ananda  Theertha  Agrahara  (Ananda  Theertha  is synonymous  to  Madhvacharya,  and  Agrahara  means  a  Brahmin Settlement). It has been noted during a religious procedure (Astamangala Prasna), that this was a very important religious destination for scholars who came here to conduct philosophical debates and impart religious training about Dvaita philosophy under the auspices of Sri Vyasarajaru. Sri Vyasarajaru was the religious head of Vijayanagara kingdom ruled by Sri Krishnadevaraya. Theertham was a significant place during that time under the influence of Sri Vyasarajaru.