How to reach?

Theertham can be reached from Bangalore via the following route:

  1. Old Madras Road–>K.R.Puram
  2. Hosakote
  3. Kolar
  4. Mulbagal Toll Gate. From here around 8 kms there will be a bypass road which does not go into Mulbagal town but goes towards Palamaner.
  5. After a flyover around 8-9 kms from Mulbagal Toll which is 2 kms before SriPadaraja Mutt, take a right where there is a “Bank of Baroda” board and the road leads to K. Baipalle which is Karnataka-AP border.
  6. To reach the border from highway, it is 15 kms. From the border, Theertham Village is 5 kms.

If you’re coming from Kuppam, then the route will be towards V.Kota-Baireddipalle Road. Here 5 kms before Baireddipalle, there is a village called Devadoddi. Take left here and Theertham is 3 kms.

If you’re coming from Chennai/Tirupati, the route will be to reach Palamaner and Theertham is 27 kms from here. To get into Theertham road, you have to slightly come towards Bangalore Road and take the Kuppam Cross Road. This road goes towards Baireddipalle and from here after 5 kms at Devadoddi, take a right to reach Theertham in 3 kms.